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at fletcher's at the hollywood bowl or this $1.2 million for a room with gold-plated faucets and vegas nightclub. then there's this downtown san francisco's own luxury loom as a tom restaurant. >>> a severance as restaurants are so small that every little piece matters and sides in no expenses barry campaign wallpaper and steep lighting fixtures and customary. an esp urinal and toilets. >>> there's no detail of a look here. this guy found disfavored toilets in berlin germany. paulists clean you can probably even before he wants to blow online voters would choose america's number one at best restaurant out,. some of the restrooms are exotic others are inexplicable. >>> the people think they have a fighting chance. this item is looking pretty dead but it isn't just style that's going to make it the best of america know it also has to be hygienic. clean, good, and from less since it does it well. did we is the winner gets bragging rights and a spot in the restroom hall of fame. >>> in san francisco lindi's cbs five. >>> we have another and nail biter at at&t part of the forty- niners
. fletcher gone, griffin gone. >>> finally tonight, several southeast d.c. residents turned out this labor day weekend for a community celebration hosted by barry the d.c. councilman. the fifth annual ward 8 family days took place at oxen run park in southeast. it featured free food, entertainment. childrens' activities. and we're out of time. thanks for watching everybody. the rest of the evening, what does it look like? >> some showers and storms are possible and bring the umbrella just in case. >> okay, we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
. steve smith with the catch at the 45 yard line. london fletcher on him for the tackle. let's check the play. >> tim: i cannot believe they're not getting out of that soft zone coverage defensively. >> referee: offside, defense, 5-yard penalty. replace, second down. >> chris: the call is on brian orakpo who was injured earlier. came back in. orakpo steps over the league bench. and there is steven jackson looking on to see if there is an injury or if that is just a cooling the temper move. the officials trying to sort something out. the guy's going crazy with the whistle down there. >> tim: what a difference in philosophy in terms of the game plan for the redskins this week versus last week in terms of drew brees. >> chris: they've got to reset the ball, by the way. that's the spot. second down and five. something as basics that we've had issued with for today. >> tim: you know what i mean? last week it was man coverage, pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure. they've elected to go with soft zone coverage. now here they're lining them up. let's see how they do. >> chris: pressure com
of the students open hatch is on the top of the bus eddie was hit by the overpass near fletcher avenue. >> the kid said his head through the hatch and apparently he was hit. he was taken hackensack hospital. >> he was rushed to the medical center. the other students with bloody t-shirts and party dresses or taken to the police station. their parents were distraught air rushing in to find out what happened. >> my son was on the bus. i heard that there was an accident and i a.m here to pick up my son to find out what is going on. >> they were headed to was the 16th party? >> a guess. >>vicki: thought the only five of the more than 20 20 will beg ashore on south florida beach today have survived. nearby residents and officials try to save them. it is unclear why the whales became stranded. experts say pilot whales are social animals that it could be that one of the animals was sick and the others followed. >> its songwriter hal david has died. among the timeless itunes, raindrops keep falling on my head, close to you and that's what friends are for. he died of complications from a
...."........edith fletcher ssys here son was n visiting her. she says - he was walking back from the suddenly appeared... grabbed.. then liited her son from behind him...they running were - behind him anddi seen them pick him up from his knees ann slam him bacc down on his head. i couldn't believe it.. i'm going, oh my god, what ii they doing to my child..." fletcher approached the son's last woods.(ms. her fletchee) "mom, go back. mom pleaseego back. go head. mmm, they goin lock you up. i didn't care, i really didn't. i didn't like what thhy ere doong to mm child." intially.. police say anderson died from choking on drugs. but a ppeliminary autopsy shows that he did not. pplice are waiting on a complete report to determiie the exact cause of death. death.meanttme, there's no comment from the department toniiht. liveein east baltiimre, keith daniils, fox 45 news at ten. a man shot monday in east baltimore has died from his inj. injuries..olicee ay anthony keyser was shot in his backyarddon north linwood avenue near patteeson park around 4 pm yeeterday. witnesses say he'd been sitti
include in ego friendly fletcher at the hollywood bowl if you want to check that out. in a million dollars from room at a vigorous nightclub. >>> the giants called hope comeback kids. >>> incredible delta and a shot that went back row,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> at his insurance above at home again today after a lot to us tonight. >>> the justice added that in the seventh but arizona scored two in the 11th and the giants a 826. the superstar phenom from wet and muddy put a lid on the board and coulbe dangerous whenn to win 61. >>> and a briton laura scott. at the sports announcers, this >>> 22 you're to make a play that would be a difficult for any able-bodied person to do it. making it look easy. one more time sweet shot. in opposing the much through 21. >>> a california family andersen kicked off a flight. what it claimed that the airline would let them in first class. >>> adjourn for the officer who were shot yesterday in critical condition this morning at john muir medical center. we have exclusive footage right after the incident could >>> a standing ovation for mrs. obama.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
king and bill fletcher, junior, author of they're bankrupting us and 20 other myths about unions, also co-founder of the labor center for renewal. great to have you here. i thought this was a fascinating national experience. a, because we don't all agree on anything anymore. there was complete unanimity the refs were terrible. b, because the dynamics of this lockout, not strike, very important, of this lockout seemed to get at some core ideological aspects of the relationships between labor and management in a way that few do. and, mike, i'm curious what your perception is in terms of the effect the bad call -- the horrible call on monday had in terms of the lockout ending. >> right. i think what it did was provide a cost because all along the owners can say no one watches the game for a ref. we're getting record ratings. we're going to make 9.5 billion with or without them. there was no cost. when, you know, the factory shuts down, they do the tabulation. if we lose this many days, if we lose this many workers, there is a clear cost. once there is a cost, not that bad call, the scab r
further acts of evil and teach us to truly love one another. eileen fletcher. lingerie fletcher. karl flick injured. matthew flacco joseph wonders. carol flizek michael full bore stephen photo. thomas foley. james bolger. david quantum and of could win ford. donald four men. christopher foresight. claudia foster. know well foster. sandra foster. robert fulte. colleen francis. virgil francis. martin frank. peter frank. and christopher epps we love you and we miss you. spending your 40th birthday and have been. you are watching over us. your infectious smile and laugh will be ingrained into our hearts forever. mommy has joined you and have been this year and we know you are taking care of her. she is taking care of you. we love you and my brother we miss every day. >> khalid frazier. derek frazier. kevin folly. andrew frederick. tabitha friedman. brat freeman. arlene fried alan freelancer. paul friedman. we said roth. peter draw paul james for model. richard gabriel. richard gabrielle. pamela lee. anthony gallagher daniel gallagher. my father-in-law your newest brand son shares your bir
and lies of the terrorism wars. and also with us is ari fletcher. >> you use the word negligence to describe their actions. how do you reconcile the daylight between those two statements? in rereading the 9/11 commission report, there were a number of warnings and a number of advisories that went out a lot of them for overseas postings for the u.s. military, for u.s. embassies, u.s. ambassadors, some for the united states as well? >> there is a huge difference between putting the government on high alert and saying we're going to put out some warnings. the last time, prior to the summer of 2001, the last time there had been anything on the scale of what they were seeing at that period, was in december of 1999. and at that point, the entire government went on high alert. you had -- in fact, the counterterrorism terrorist center at the cia was told blow through your budget and they spent everything they had from january through september, in about 15 days. and multiple terrorist attacks were stopped. including one in the united states. we don't remember much about this, because eve
there was a motive. >>darya: thanks will. >>mark: let's go to james fletcher for the forecast in >>james: and will be nice all weekend long. it is mostly clear to start this morning. most of the temperatures are in the '50s. we're looking for a warm and sunny afternoon. the scene in the temperatures will drop back down and fog will come back to the coastline. >>george: a quick commute a check shows a light in ec conditions around the bay area. thi >>mark: the democratic national convention is done. the kurds and voters to keep fighting for a change pin -- he is encouraged voters to keep fighting for change pin yes our path is harder but at least we are in a better place. yes are road is long her but we traveling together. we leave no one behind. we police other up. rehab straying from are the trees and learn from our mistakes could we are surely less because we are the citizens of the greatest nation on earth. >>mark: obama accepted his nomination to pin he gave it causes a grid--he gave a positive speech >> from the moment that obama was behind the desk he knew that he needed to restor
. fletcher proudy when he said nothing happens, everything is planned. i truly believe that. so these uprisings that are happening right now, we don't know really who is behind them. they could be our own cia. >> did we know -- >> -- helping to do it, who knows. >> did we know who we were backing? that's one of the key questions. >> backing in what? >> in libya, in egypt. >> i have no idea. >> all of these countries. when you oppose gadhafi or something, do we know who these rebels were? and are we now perhaps seeing the results of not knowing too well who they are? >> well, wanting to give democracy to people who lived, in my opinion in the stone age. i think the bigger question to ask is here we go, another religious war. because most every war that happens on this planet is due to the fact of religion. one religion doesn't like the way another religion worships god, so we're going to kill ya. i love religion. you know, and i say that sarcastically. >> i know. i thought -- >> and i say that because -- i've openly admitted i'm an atheist. >> i thought you said earlier all wars
for in a pro bowl player. obviously, we'll miss him. >> defensive leader london fletcher says he hopes one of the young players will take this opportunity to step up and help the team. the redskins face the bengals at home on sunday. >>> today a new look at how the nation's obesity crisis is impacting the country. a report will be released today by the trust for america's health. that annual report takes a look at the obesity rate in the united states. a reduction of body mass by just 5% could help thousands of people avoid obesity related diseases. >>> you've probably heard studies that talk about the health risk of sitting at your desk all day. now one company is encouraging its employees to get up and move with recess at work. the health program includes hackie sack, four square, even tether ball for employees. maybe some hula hooping there. employees get daily recess complete with team building once a week. employees aren't the only ones noticing a difference in morale. >> it helps people's happiness and health and quality of life. we wanted to design a program that encouraged employee
look in a pro bowl player. obviously, we'll miss him. >> indeed. defensive leader london fletcher says he hopes one of the young players will take this opportunity to step up and help the team. the redskins face the bengals at home on sunday. >> the coach really just laid out there all the reasons why this is a big loss. >> it is. >> this is a big loss. >> huge. >> like you said, somebody else is going to have to step up and keep the momentum going. >> hope things turn around this sunday. >> just about 5:26 is our time right now. >>> coming up, a school district's controversial approach for shrinking class sizes at a popular high school. >>> looking at the stories making headlines, the anger over an anti-muslim film is being blamed for a deadly attack in afghanistan. >>> mitt romney on the offensive, trying to clarify remarks that were made caught on a hidden camera. >>> and the excitement continues to build at the national zoo even though it will be a while before we can see the new cub. mei xiang and baby resting right now. first, good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron g
: sticking with that theme what current member of your redskins -- >> london fletcher. >> reporter: that is correct. >> come on. didn't even let him finish. >> there's only one person. >> that's my fault, you're right. >> you got to buzz in quicker. >> it's the buzz appear, i'm not used to this right hand -- arm, i'm not used to this right hand. >> reporter: which is taller, the washington monument or the st. louis -- >> used to be the washington monument. >> reporter: is that your answer? >> would you like to steal this question next? >> yeah. the st. louis arch. >> reporter: it is the st. louis arch. >> originally the washington monument was the biggest free standing figure in america, but -- >> reporter: judges will not accept that answer. >> since then it's changed. >> reporter: herwe go with 4th down in the four down showdown. >> i'm looking at the paper. >> reporter: for 24 years from 1984 to 2008 the sports hall of fame resided in st. louis. for 24 years what sports hall of fame resided in st. louis? >> baseball? >> reporter: baseball is incorrect. nick, you can stea
don't, either. >> we're going to get through it. >> reporter: adrian fletcher had just seen him yesterday. >> i gave him a hug, said hi, had a little bit of laughs. kept us laughing and smiling. >> i did though markel. he had a bright spirit. he not only was a strong student but he also participated in our modeling team sew was very popular amongst the staff and students. >> he made honor roll every quarter last year, and we had been talking about him going to college, and i told him i also would like to see him go in the reserve. >> reporter: now instead of planning her son's future this mother is planning a funeral. now, investigators spent time today at the school, so did grief counselors. so far there is no motive and no arrest. in capitol heights, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> beth, thank you. >>> it's been 11 years since the september 11th terrorist attacks on u.s. soil, and people around the country gathered in new york, the pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania, to honor those who lost their lives that day. fox's craig boswell has a look now from the world trade center s
with that theme, what current member of your washington redskins gorse london fletcher. >> come on. >> he bussed in. >> only one person. >> maybe he he's worried about his arm. >> the left hand is the buzz arm. >> which is taller, the washington monument or the -- >> the washington monument. >> would you like to steal this question next? >> the st. louis arch. >> originally, the washington monument was the biggest freestanding feature in america but since then, it changed. >> her we go with fourth down. >> i'm looking at your paper. >> for 4 years from 1984 to 2008, sports hall of fame resided in st. louis. for 4 years, what sports hall of fame resided in st. louis? >> baseball? >> baseball is incorrect. >> nick, can you steal it. >> why are you showing him the paper. >> are you cheat something. >> no cheating here. >> we talked about this a little bit earlier. >> it's bowling. >> bowling is something you claim able to to do. for a bonus question, here we goa. st. louis cardinals have a legendary shortstop who is in the hall of fame who has the same nickname as an american classic movie. what i
in washington d.c. -- other than washington d.c. also provided me with space and support. the fletcher fellowship kept me going when i was taking a little longer than i'd hoped towards the end. and then really called upon experts in the field. i was doing something quite ambitious, taking her grandparents over the first lady's grandparents and taking them as far back as i could take them. so really i was looking at very different periods in american history. and i reached out to the vexed experts in the field during each of those spirits to kind of put me in the right direction. >> i wanted everyone to year that because first of all it speaks to how important institutions aren't supporting research and writing, that these books don't just come out of the imagination of talented writers comment that institutions like the schaumburg center, as well as the smithsonian. >> that's right. the smithsonian also helped me. there were countless people and made a difference. >> chicago newberry as well. >> i did a lot of research there they were enormously helpful. >> rachel knows amanda you didn
this toyota. how did driver is trying to our on fletcher avenue. before the card can pull in, the driver in a lexus takes the spot. now, the to field a driver has to back up in each moving. then watch, after making a u-turn, the driver stopped at the red light. if cnn he proceeded to roll right through. what did the driver do wrong? everything. >> i do not do that. i a.m too afraid of getting a ticket. i cannot afford that. >>stanley: apparently, some people can afford to spend a few hundred dollars hundred dol getting a win on their driving records. in a business districts, u-turn are not permitted, that includes turning into a parking spot from opposite direction. it happens here all day long. there were so many legal terms that i cannot possibly show them all. i it is not just drivers. they have a light controlled crosswalk for pedestrians. this sign advises, no jaywalking. what this white here italy beat walking the traffic, moving pretty close to getting it. while some drivers are a critical lesson across the lawn, shrink costs should hikes cox andand high >>stanley: it is pretty
, fletcher school of law and diplomacy at tufts university. and aisha moody mills at the center for american progress action fund. thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> is there a message in color lot this week. one clear story line that will emerge for the president's re-election? >> i think you should said it. democrats will tell americans we're not going to leave you behind to fend for yourselves, and that's the complete contrary of what republicans are looking to do we built this individually. we should go off and do things by ourselves, government shouldn't have a role. what the prepresident will say, democrats will message, we're all in this together. >> in doing that, though, i'm wondering, can you -- you can tell that story when you actually have competing groups. and we're all in this together. it's a big old messy blue tent. some groups feel like they are in competition. take for example, latino workers and african-american workers who feel like, wait a minute there, is competition between our groups. >> the way you do that, you create an external threat that scares all
tenets of good parenting to show kids this is mom and, again, keep in mind that little fletcher is always looking up at dad and mom and how they interact with each other. >> the mom should be discipline narin in addition to the dad being the disciplinarian. >> not on the same page the kids benefit. we miss the wonderful psychological punch that a mom has on her son's life. doing your future daughter-in-law a favor when you hold little buford accountable for the things he says and the things he does. >> amen. accountability. thanks. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> why couldn't the consulate staff stop the attack in libya? were they really secure or just sitting ducks? counter terrorism expert shares the inside story on that coming up. >> then so long super size and so long some savings, too. now that new york has banned large sugary drinks, the rest of them may cost us more. what's up with that? >> lawmakers now calling for an investigation into the security failures at the u.s. embassy in libya that came under attack earlier this week. there were only four libyan security guards on
for looking at issues of affirmative action, and civil rights. when we look at nixon, he asked art fletcher to extract the tenets of affirmative action for him and he was the president of the people. and johnson was also a president of people and asked for the civil rights. and what we're looking at, as we're going into the age of obama is an idea, an idea of economics, economic rights. but, unfortunately, we're still waiting for those rights to come. so, therefore, my book "jumping the aisle" is saying, hey, let's look at that more closely and evaluating where are we looking at as we look at independents, economic choice, things that will be able to help. >> if i'm mitt romney and running against the first black president in american history, but i want african-american voters, what's my pitch? what would work? >> i think the republican party and mitt romney need to address how is the republican platform shrinking the widening gap between the haves and the have notes. the haves have a stake in looking at liberty and efficiency, well, they need to look a little further at community and equa
much. here with the panel, david gergen, ari fletcher, john king and more, to discuss. it's interesting, you worked in the clinton white house. hillary clinton in a unique position. to be first lady, secretary of state, no one has filled that role. >> no, no, no. and she's a woman to boot. it's like ginger rogers. you have to dance backward with heels on. and that's why i think she has credibility, when she said i've been there, i was married to one and worked closely with the other. >> and their relationship too is also interesting. she ran against him, lost against him and yet is working in his white house. what is their relationship really like? do you know? >> i think it is -- listen, i think they have a lot of trust, but they are not close. much more professional relationship than a relationship of friendship. that's fair to say. and there is some feeling on the part of her, not unlike what we saw with colin powell in the george w. bush years, that the white house is a little wary of her that her popularity exceeds the president's. white houses are never happy with that situation.
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)